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Whether in intralogistics in the automotive industry, for process stabilization in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries or to increase safety and ergonomics at assembly workstations – the lifting, turning, tilting, tipping or dumping devices are not only used in many industries. They always fulfill two essential factors: companies significantly increase workplace attractiveness by improving ergonomics for employees. At the same time, they increase efficiency in companies by stabilizing production processes.

Automotive industry:

VENTZKI makes assembly more ergonomic and efficient

Ergonomic workplace design plays a major role in vehicle production. Improved working conditions at machines and production lines should make it possible to work in a way that is easy on the body. Car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW use technology from VENTZKI Handling Systems for this purpose. The Eislingen-based company specializes in ergonomically designed and universally applicable lifting and tilting devices, which also ensure more efficient assembly.

Paint manufacturers:

Lifting and tilting devices speed up filling

The paint is mixed, has an optimum consistency and now needs to be filled into paint cans or buckets in exact portions. Many paint manufacturers use very individual solutions for this – often a ladle is still used for decanting high-quality paints. Not only ergonomics, but also process reliability sometimes falls by the wayside, especially with older filling and decanting systems. The printing ink manufacturer Zeller + Gmelin has equipped its system with various container lifting, tilting and dumping devices from VENTZKI. These devices can be tilted electro-hydraulically by up to 45 degrees and ensure safe work processes with higher productivity.

Assembly workstations:

Safe and ergonomic installation

Safety and ergonomics are becoming increasingly important factors in the intralogistics manufacturing industry. Accident-free working reduces follow-up costs, ergonomic workstations reduce the downtime of expensive skilled workers. VENTZKI’s specially developed lifting, rotating, tilting, tipping and dumping devices not only enable loads weighing several tons to be picked up, but also fixed with pinpoint accuracy. This allows work to be carried out safely at assembly workstations in an ergonomically perfect position.

Medical technology:

Ergonomic lifting and decanting

Efficient workflows, stable processes and ergonomic workstations are decisive success factors for the sustainable optimization of intralogistics in medical technology today. Individually tailored to the respective wishes and requirements of customers, VENTZKI’s customized products and solution concepts make an important contribution to this. This is also the case with the HEE high-capacity dumper, which is used with great success by a renowned medical technology manufacturer.

Special devices:

Tailor-made for the ergonomic workplace

Whether scissor lift tables, container lifting and tilting devices, container lifting devices, container tilting and dumping devices – the range of ergonomic production aids from VENTZKI is large – and each device type can be adapted to your individual requirements. Here you can get a quick overview of the devices mentioned as well as other special devices and bogies.


Interface for automated guided vehicles

VENTZKI also offers appropriate solutions for automated intralogistics processes. Automated guided vehicles (AGV) can be easily connected to scissor lift tables or other individual handling systems via a defined interface (data box). Even with such automation solutions, VENTZKI attaches great importance not only to maximum functionality, but also to ergonomics.

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