Setting standards for the working world of the future

VENTZKI has always been characterized by innovative product development combined with a high level of customer orientation and a dynamic approach. We strive to act responsibly, to grow continuously and to conserve the environment and valuable resources. This results in ergonomic handling systems that offer clear added value for our customers: They not only optimize their production and logistics processes, but also set standards for the working world of the future – an ergonomically sensible and efficient way of working.

Our unique position on the market is important to us. With innovative products and services, we set standards in ergonomic and efficient production and intralogistics processes.

We are passionate about targeted innovations and the continuous improvement of ergonomic processes. Our focus is on the greatest possible customer benefit.

Our success is based on the perfect combination of solutions, experience and creativity, which are expressed in each of our products.


Making intralogistics efficient and technologically advanced


Reliability and authenticity create credible trust


From the plow to becoming a brand for ergonomic operations

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