Scissor lift tables from VENTZKI: for heavy loads!

The scissor lift tables from VENTZKI Handling Systems are the perfect handling devices for countless industrial production processes: When it comes to lifting heavy containers or components, every lift table we manufacture provides indispensable service – lifting weights of up to six tons safely and reliably!

All VENTZKI scissor lift tables have a powerful, high-quality hydraulic drive. Our SHT model can lift weights of up to 6,000 kilograms in a controlled manner. But our UFFT and FFT flat-form lift table models also have plenty of power: both versions can lift weights of up to 2,000 kilograms.

Every lift table from VENTZKI is designed to compensate for height differences by lifting heavy loads. This noticeably simplifies work processes and also makes them much more ergonomic: productivity is increased and your employees’ health is effectively protected!

The comprehensive service from VENTZKI Handling Systems:

  • Special designs on request
  • Comprehensive concepts from planning to installation
  • Testing and repair service by the manufacturer

Electrohydraulic scissor lift table in top quality

An electrohydraulic scissor lift table from our production facility is always designed for the highest loads. We use first-class materials and components that guarantee long, low-maintenance and trouble-free operation for every lift table we manufacture. Every VENTZKI scissor lift can be used universally and, if required, you can also obtain various optional accessories from us, such as an extendable guardrail. Our U-shaped flat tables from the UFFT model series also have the special feature that they can be loaded and unloaded with a forklift truck without any problems due to their special shape.

Scissor lift tables with a safety guarantee

Our scissor lift tables naturally comply with all existing accident prevention regulations. We also comply with the DIN EN 1570 standard and all other EU machinery directives. Added to this are the internal tests that are an integral part of our quality management system and the manufacturing process.

All hydraulic scissor lifts from VENTZKI – like all other lifting and tilting devices from our company – are subjected to thorough load tests before delivery, which are documented in an acceptance report and test stickers.

You can obtain a universally applicable, high-performance scissor lift table in top quality from VENTZKI Handling Systems. We have more than three decades of experience in the development and production of handling equipment. This extensive knowledge also flows into every scissor lift we manufacture. Rely on VENTZKI hydraulic scissor lift tables when it comes to lifting heavy and extremely heavy loads in your industrial production and bringing them to an ergonomically favorable working height.

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