Choose the PALOMAT Greenline if you want to both stack and unstack individual pallets and only want to use electricity as an energy source. The PALOMAT Greenline is also available for handling pallets in cold rooms with temperatures down to -25 °C (only for 15 pallets / 500 kg).

The most important facts in brief:

The PALOMAT stacks and unstacks the empty pallets one after the other. All pallets are handled at floor level.

The PALOMAT automatically raises/lowers the entire stack of pallets so that you can easily insert a new pallet at floor level using a hand pallet truck, for example. A touch panel is used to operate the machine.

A complete stack of pallets (15 or 25 pallets) can be inserted into or removed from the PALOMAT – without the use of a forklift.


Technical specification

Device type Model dimension
L x B x H (mm)
Pallet size
L x B x H (mm)
Lifting capacity
Number of pallets Power Palletizing in
deep-freeze environments
VEN-001* 1520x1340x955/2350 1200x800x144 500 15 220-240V AC, 50 Hz Bis zu -25 C°
VEN-002* 1520x1540x955/2350 1200x1000x150 500 15 220-240V AC, 50 Hz Bis zu -25 C°
VEN-101** 1520x1340x3750 1200x800x144 700 25 220-240V AC, 50 Hz
VEN-102** 1520x1540x3750 1200x1000x150 700 25 220-240V AC, 50 Hz

* Incl. safety barrier for 15 pallets
** Incl. safety barrier for 25 pallets with door for handling more than 15 pallets

Standard color: RAL 7035 light grey

Fields of application

Relief for employees and time savings: Greenline is one of PALOMAT’s standard models. The pallet magazine can be set up anywhere and is simply connected to 230 V. With Greenline, all pallet handling is automatic and at floor level. Users simply load and unload the empty pallets with a forklift or hand pallet truck, and Greenline takes care of the rest, i.e. stacking and unstacking. A touch panel is used for manual operation when switching between stacking and unstacking.

Product videos

Product highlights

Benefits of using a PALOMAT Greenline:

  • Healthier working environment
  • More effective workflow
  • More order

The solution – PALOMAT Greenline:

  • Space for 15 EUR pallets
  • All stacking/unstacking takes place at floor level
  • 100% electrically powered – 230 W > Plug and play solution

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