Rotary tables for containers and load carriers

VENTZKI designs individual rotary tables and handling systems with integrated turning devices for efficient container positioning in industrial intralogistics.

This additional function enables the worker to maintain an optimum and constant working position at the workstation when removing parts and components. The changing fill levels are processed optimally and flexibly from all sides of the container and load carrier.

In addition, further optional movement functions can be integrated into VENTZKI swivel frames. In addition to the horizontal rotation of the work supply, the containers and load carriers can also be lifted or tilted to achieve an ergonomic positioning in the optimum position for the worker.

Rotating platforms for two containers and load carriers allow the worker to work ergonomically on the container from one side, while another worker removes the empty load carrier and places a newly filled container on the opposite side.

This means that the next work process can be activated by manually or optionally motor-driven turning of the containers by 180 degrees without the worker having to change position and reload his parts supply himself. This significantly reduces set-up times, effectively shortens throughput times in the production process and thus realizes noticeable cost savings.

The comprehensive service from VENTZKI Handling Systems:

  • Special versions on request
  • Integrated concepts from planning to installation
  • Testing and repair service by the manufacturer

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