11. September 2016

To design work processes ergonomically

Ventzki Handling Systems presents ergonomic handling devices for lifting, tilting and dumping at the MOTEK 2016, the world's leading trade fair for production and assembly automation. Among these, there were three new products: the spindle lifting device HE-EP 1000, the space-saving container tilting device NE 330, as well as a new load-receptacle for lifting devices to receive ground rollers with small load carriers.

In addition to the new products, Ventzki is also exhibiting further products from its product portfolio of ergonomic lifting, tipping and dumping devices at the MOTEK: lifting and tilting devices HNE, HKE and NHE, NEE tipping and dumping devices as well as lifting devices HE-EP with battery operation, HE-LP and HP. Using the example of the HE-EP, Ventzki presents the new load receptacle for lifting devices with adjustable prongs to receive ground rollers with small-load carriers.

Energy efficient and space saving

Among the new product releases exhibited by Ventzki this year, is the HE-EP 1000 container lifting device with electric spindle drive for energy-efficient use. The special feature of this device is its narrow design and its load capacity of 1,000 kg. “Until recently, spindle lifting devices were only manufactured for containers up to 500 kg. Now we have expanded the load capacity to 1,000 kg “, says Manfred Weisl, sales manager at Ventzki.

The new NE 330 was also presented at the LogiMAT in March of this year to the international specialized audience. The stationary tilting device distinguishes itself by its two-dimensional tilting movement. This avoids creating a container overhang in the work area, which makes it particularly space-saving. When removing components from the container, more freedom of movement is thus ensured for the user.

With a new stand concept at the trade fair

One of the highlights of the Ventzki trade fair stand this year is not only the handling devices, which can be used universally and make working processes ergonomic. “We have completely reworked our trade fair appearance and presented ourselves with a completely new stand concept. We also have our new product catalogue in our luggage, “explains Manfred Weisl. The trade fair visitors to the MOTEK 2016 can verify this at the 80-sqm main stand 5130 in hall 5.

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