LogiMAT 2012 well worth the effort for first-time exhibitor

81 high value contacts for Ventzki, a manufacturer of lift, tilt and dump stands

The first appearance turned out to be all the company could have wished for. Ventzki Handling Systems was one of more than 200 exhibitors at this year’s LogiMAT, and the response was definitely encouraging. 27 times during the course of the 3-day event the sales team was asked to submit proposals.

“It was a very good decision to come here,” said Ventzki Managing Director Gregor Zens in a statement made as early as on the second day of the event. On 80 m2 of space at LogiMAT, the handling systems supplier showcased innovative solutions which enhance ergonomics in the workplace and support intralogistics operations in manufacturing environments. For cost and space reasons, tugger trains are replacing forklifts in industry to an ever increasing extent. To improve material flows, Ventzki has developed a rotating, low-profile scissor-lift table which can be used on tugger trains. The mid-tier company also put a lift dumper for small containers on display. The unit features electric drive and, for example, loads the contents onto a higher conveyor using a slewing motion. Ventzki has also developed lifters with 230 V electric drive which reduce energy consumption by 20% compared to lifters which operate on compressed air.
Overall visitor numbers at the show were up by 30% compared to the previous year. 29,064 visitors from 25 countries had a look around stands organized by 919 exhibitors. “80% of the people who come to the show are industry professionals who have specific intralogistics problems,” said Zens. His team at the stand in Hall 3 acquired 65 projects to provide special material flow solutions. Not counting companies in the core customer base, 81 visitors handed their business cards to Ventzki. One of them is Markus Parr, Strategic Maintenance Manager at SAF-Holland which produces landing gear and axles for semi-trailers among other things. Parr explained the reason for his visit to the show: “We want to enhance ergonomics at our production workstations because the parts which are handled there weigh between 8 and 15 kg. We were not previously aware of Ventzki, and we only arrived at the stand by accident. In the event, we found a very good solution here which we realised could make our process more effective and efficient.”
By experience, Ventzki knows that 30% of the proposals will lead to orders, so the company is now hard at work developing tailored solutions which it can offer and build to meet the process logistics needs of the new customers. The list of customers who have ordered and received special solutions from Ventzki includes producers of paint systems and vehicle transmissions, and the company has also supplied systems directly to automobile manufacturers.