Our high-capacity lifting-dumping devices for you:

HEE 100/300/500
HEE 100/300/500

High-capacity dumping devices with electromotive drive for stepless adjustment of the inclination angle for containers up to 500 kg

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Highly versatile in filling

Powerful lifting and tilting devices enable a more efficient production and ergonomically healthy work: The practical High-capacity lifting-dumping devices from VENTZKI Handling Systems are especially designed and built according to your requirements: you will receive a custom lifting-tilting device which is specifically made for your business!

The first-class handling devices from VENTZKI are your first choice if small-sized bulk goods have to be raised and filled in large quantities, whether they are screws, granules or punched or forged parts! Our high-capacity lifting-dumping devices can be ideally used as lifting and tilting devices. In particular, the loading of packaging, filling or separating systems becomes much faster and more effective by the use of these apparatuses. Our dumpers can also be used for counting, weighing and mixing processes with excellent results.

We manufacture a lifting and tipping device specifically according to your specifications. Additional components such as light barriers and safety fences are as easy to supply as custom-made products. Just let us know your desired specifications. Our engineers closely monitor your requirements and develop the best possible solution for your specific application.

The comprehensive customer service offered by VENTZKI Handling Systems:

  • High-capacity lifting-dumping devices, custom made
  • On-site assembly by the manufacturer
  • Comprehensive inspection and repair service.

Your individual lifting and tilting device from VENTZKI

Container size, dumping height, function and equipment: You determine how your lifting-tilting device should be configured. You have the certainty that you will receive a custom and high-quality handling device that is specially designed and manufactured according to your requirements.

We use high-quality and robust components ensuring low maintenance and trouble-free operation. The bulk material is lifted and transferred by means of a powerful electric motor. Control takes place over compact, programmable modules such as a logo or PLC control.

Protection for the back - ergonomically healthy work

For your staff in production, the use of our high-capacity lifting-dumping devices will be always a relief. Because lifting of heavy weights - as is almost always necessary when transferring materials - always means a great strain on the human back and the complete motion apparatus. The use of effective handling devices is therefore a meaningful acquisition in order to significantly reduce the number of sick employees in the workforce.

In addition, work flows are also accelerated by our lifting and tilting devices. Likewise, working is safer because a machine cannot get tired or lose concentration. Contact us now and order your lifting-tilting device. We look forward to your order!