Successful presence of Ventzki at the 35th MOTEK 2016

For ergonomic processes in all fields

At this year's MOTEK, the world's leading trade fair for production and assembly technology, Ventzki Handling Systems presented a sampling from their extensive product portfolio of handling devices for ergonomic lifting, tilting and dumping. Among the highlights of the stand, there were three new product innovations: the spindle lifting device HE-EP 1000, the space-saving container tilting device NE 330, as well as a new load-receptacle for lifting devices to receive ground rollers with small load carriers.

As a sought-after system provider for complete solutions in a wide range of industries, Ventzki stands for ergonomic processes in all fields with their high-quality handling devices. This year, the trade fair stand of the company from Eislingen focused not only on the universally applicable lifting, tilting and dumping devices, but also on the new product catalogue and the relaunch of the Ventzki website, as well as the completely revised trade fair appearance with a new stand concept.

In addition to the three new products, the handling equipment manufacturer presented additional devices from his portfolio: the lifting and tilting devices HNE, HKE and NHE, the tilting and dumping device NEE, and the lifting devices HE-EP with battery operation, HE -LP and HP. Using the example of the HE-EP, Ventzki presented the new load receptacle for lifting devices with adjustable prongs to receive ground rollers with small-load carriers.

Targeted due to new features at the stand

"Many trade fair visitors came to our stand because of the previously announced product innovations," says Manfred Weisl, sales manager at Ventzki. The new container tilting device NE 330 was already presented at the LogiMAT in March of this year to the international specialised audience, and it has been specially designed for large-volume carriers. When tilted, the container fits into the base, which makes it particularly space-saving. The also new container lifting device HE-EP 1000 with electric spindle drive is characterised by its narrow design and a load capacity of 1,000 kg. Until recently, spindle lifting devices were only manufactured for containers up to 500 kg.

Offers made through trade fair contacts

The 35th MOTEK attracted more than 35,000 professional visitors from 90 countries to the exhibition grounds in Stuttgart during four days this year, less than last year's visitor record, but still a good value for the trade fair organizers. "This tendency is also reflected in the number of our trade fair contacts," says Manfred Weisl. "We are also below the previous year's figure with 86 contacts." Nevertheless, Ventzki's managers are also drawing a positive conclusion from the trade fair participation: Around 50 per cent of the contacts came up with a concrete request for an offer.