NHE 304/305

Mobile lifting and tilting devices with electrohydraulic drive and a tilt angle of up to 90° for different use locations and containers up to 1,500 kg

In a nutshell:

  • Suitable for holding standard containers and pallets.
  • Maximum tilt angle 90°.
  • Load capacity, depending on the model, up to 1,500 kg.
  • Low-maintenance electrohydraulic drive.
  • Stepless setting of the working height and tilt angle.
  • Equipped with fork rakes standard.
  • Two steering and two fixed rollers. Steering wheels with brakes
  • Low-maintenance and trouble-free operation thanks to high quality, robust components.

Technical specifications

Device type Load capacity
(in kg)
Load receptacle (in mm)
Load receptacle (in mm)
(ZB in mm)
Un loading height
(in mm)
Loading height
(in mm)
Useful height
(in mm)
Tilting Mobile
NHE 304 500 540 800 2 x 160 Prongs 780 85 300 90° done
NHE 305 1.500 560 800 2 x 180 Prongs 950 85 300 90° done

Power ratings: 400 V/50 Hz, 16 A, 5-pole. Paint: RAL 7035/7016

Fields of application

  • Lifting and tilting of large-volume carriers

Product highlights

  • Mobile by means of steering and fixed rollers, steering rollers with brakes
  • Stepless adjustment of lift and tilt position
  • Compact design