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New Ventzki Product Catalogue Offering a Great Variety of Assembly Workstation Equipment

Apart from traditional container lifters allowing rotation and tilting of the load, the Eislingen-based Ventzki Company now also offers aluminium cranes, vacuum lifters and manipulators for the vertical lifting axis, as either a pneumatic or electrohydraulic solution, all of them enhancing the ergonomics of production and assembly workplaces. Moreover, the range of products of the extended catalogue with 16 new pages includes a variety of accessories, all the way to floor gratings for machine workstations that allow operators to stand securely and comfortably with a minimum of physical stress.

With its extended product and service portfolio, Ventzki now offers its customers comprehensive solutions in workplace ergonomics. This eliminates all planning needs and associated expenses for customers, while adjusting the interfaces between the mechanical and electronic components is also automatically included in the package. What strikes the eye is the new light grey and anthracite look of the machines - the same corporate design that also distinguishes the catalogue.

The new catalogue will be published in May with 3,500 copies. 400 of them will be directly sent to Ventzki customers that placed orders during the past year. 70 percent of these are automotive manufacturers or associated suppliers; a quarter of them are machine and plant manufacturers, and the rest belongs to other industrial sectors characterized by high assembly needs in their manufacturing shops. Over two thirds of Ventzki's annual turnover of two million euros come from container lift and tilt stands. 15 percent are attributable in each case to customised scissor lift tables and tipping stations, but unique products such as special working platforms for defined uses are supplied as well occasionally.

Reaching new sectors and target groups in order to escape the dependence on the automotive industry is what Gregor Zens, Ventzki's Prokurist and site manager, considers his main task. In addition, the sales force makes every effort to canvass customers in Austria and Switzerland, and first contacts have already been established with clients in the Czech Republic as well. Ventzki's design engineers are working hard to reshape and upgrade, step by step, a product range that has almost remained unchanged for 20 years, using new, advanced manufacturing techniques (such as laser and metal-forming technologies) to save steel on the massive machines while improving their torsional rigidity at the same time. This not only makes the lift and tilt stands more pleasing to the eye in addition to their new coloration, but also reduces the manufacturing costs by up to one fourth.

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