VENTZKI: Lifting devices for ergonomically healthy working

VENTZKI develops and produces high-quality lifting devices for material logistics in the manufacturing industry. Decades of experience and state-of-the-art drive technology are combined in our handling devices to provide highly effective and safe operating equipment. The health of your employees is spared and the production process is optimized - for the best ergonomics in the workplace!

The 7 VENTZKI advantages:

  1. Easy work with heavy loads – Height differences are evened for ergonomic loading and unloading
  2. Fatigue-free working – Lift containers, tools and products comfortably to different heights
  3. More effectively machine loading – the best position for each user
  4. Speed up work flows – easier and faster loading of machines without physical stress
  5. Maximum flexibility – universal and flexible use in lifting and tilting processes, as well as in all kinds of manufacturing plants
  6. Highly versatile in filling – custom solutions for filling, mixing and weighing processes
  7. Safe tipping of heavy weights – versatile helpers for material logistics and in-house transport
NHE 360
HNE 2000
HP 200

Lowering sickness absenteeism with lifting devices

Lifting devices such as our scissor and flat-form lifting tables control the heaviest loads while ensuring maximum safety. A powerful electrohydraulic drive enables you, for example, to lift loads and containers of up to six tons of weight accurately into the optimum position with our scissor lift table. In the automotive industry as well as in many other sectors and industrial companies, our sophisticated handling devices provide indispensable service.

The use of our lifting devices has an extremely positive effect in many respects: Your production processes are much more effective. If the workpiece is at the correct working height, the employee can act much faster and in particular without stress. Production processes are facilitated by our handling systems and the work processes are ergonomically designed with a decisive relief of the spinal column and of the motion apparatus. In industrial production, containers of different sizes and weights have to be moved. The use of our lifting tables and our lifting and tilting devices also ensures a sustained reduction in your manufacturing business’ sickness absenteeism.

The VENTZKI product range includes:

  • Scissor lifting tables
  • Container lifting devices
  • Container tilting devices
  • Container lifting and tilting devices
  • Container tilting and dumping devices
  • High-capacity lifting-dumping devices
  • Self-tipping containers

Lifting devices in special versions

Comprehensive service is a must for VENTZKI. Therefore, you always have the possibility to order our lifting devices as an individual custom-made product. Simply contact us and let us know your requirements and specifications. Our experienced specialists will be happy to advise you also on-site and will be able implement your wishes with accuracy. But the VENTZKI service does not end with this. We are also happy to take over the training of your employees as well as the maintenance and repair of our handling devices. Learn more about our advantageous inspection and repair service!

Whether lifting tables or container lifting devices, our innovative handling systems simplify production processes and unburden your employees. Check out our offer now and contact our technical advisers: We will be happy to advise you in detail about each of our high-quality lifting devices.

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